Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. (SDLG) announced the heavy-duty G9290 motor grader for haul road maintenance. With a 14-ft-wide blade as standard and many of the design features of predecessor models, the unit has an engine supplied by Volvo and a Volvo-designed transmission.

The SD130B Stage II common rail diesel engine offers high torque at low revs from a 211-kW output with variable horsepower technology as standard, the company reported. The HTE840S automatic transmission has eight forward gears and four reverse gears.

The engine is cooled by a thermostat-controlled, hydraulic fan, which can be reversed by flipping a switch.

The moldboard is kept level by the 16° oscillation on the front axle, 18° wheel leaning and +/-15° oscillation on the rear tandem, the company reported. The chain-driven tandem with a no-spin differential lock on the rear axle bearings delivers optimal traction and reliability.

The unique SDLG circle drive system comes with five support shoes and non-greasing slide bushings for better grading, an extended service life and easier maintenance, the company reported.

A ROPS/FOPS-certified cab ensures the safety of the operator. It is fitted on the front frame to reduce vibrations and heat. The cab offers large windows and excellent all-around visibility, the company reported.

Leadership at SDLG described the unit as “reliability in action” that is “built to last” and deliver “best-in-class grading performance.”