Martin Engineering’s Washbox Cleaning System combines water spray and secondary cleaning blades in an enclosed and self-contained unit, draining belt-carried residue safely away from the work area while reducing overall site dust and spillage from carryback. Available in dual or single configurations, the units are mounted on the conveyor frame directly after the return idler to ensure belt alignment throughout the cleaning process and to allow proper time for moisture evaporation on the return trip.

Belt Washer/Cleaner System Flushes CarrybackPassing through a powder-coated steel box with top rollers, the belt is washed by multinozzle spray bars delivering 5 to 60 psi (0.34 to 4.14 bar) of pressure, using 5 to 54 gpm (20 to 204 L/min) of water. The belt is then scraped clean by a polyurethane blade and/or a urethane squeegee blade, set on a tensioner for a tight and consistent blade-to-belt seal. Residue drains through an outlet funnel below the box.

Operators concerned with the amount of moisture remaining on the belt have the option of adding a squeegee roller, which lifts the belt slightly and “flattens” the layer of water on the surface from an average of 50 microns in thickness to 20 microns. This facilitates evaporation on the return and is particularly useful on shorter conveyors.

Built for medium- to heavy-duty applications, the Dual Cleaner System is equipped with three rollers, four spray bars, two inspection doors and two polyurethane secondary cleaners. The Single Cleaner System includes a roller, a secondary blade and a spray bar, which are accessed by inspection doors on either side of the enclosure.