Vermeer’s T1255III Terrain Leveler surface excavation machine (SEM) features a patented tilt-head milling attachment with top-down cutting action that can dig 21 in. (53.3 cm) deep and 144 in. (365.8 cm) wide in a single pass. Operators can control material sizing by increasing or decreasing tooth penetration to produce a uniformly fragmented product down to 8-in. (20.3-cm) minus size.

Terrain Leveler Enables Precise Mining With Uniform Fragment Size

The T1255III is equipped with a fully hydrostatic motor mounted to the side of the cutting head, providing direct drive power to the cutting drum. This design delivers more horsepower to the cutting drum, said Vermeer, resulting in higher efficiency when working in hard rock conditions. In addition, the direct drive drum allows the operator to cut an 80° highwall for slope stability purposes. Vermeer also offers a chain drive drum, which allows the operator to cut a 90° highwall in in hard rock conditions.

An optional dust suppression system features two large vacuums that pull dust from an enclosed cutting head into baghouses, from where the collected dust is deposited beneath the machine. The system diminishes the need to source water to control dust during the mining process.

The T1255III can be equipped with optional GPS technology that enables the machine to follow a mine-by-line plan. The GPS technology also eliminates rapid changes in cutting depth, which can impact productivity, and provides more precise cutting than an operator-controlled system.

The cab includes an operator-presence safety feature that disengages the ground drive and cutting attachment if the operator leaves the seat. The cab is pressurized with a filtered air system to provide an increased level of operator comfort. A rollover protective module (ROPM) and a falling object protective structure (FOPS) for working near a high pit wall are available, while the machine’s low center of gravity helps maintain machine stability. The SEM can also be equipped with an optional full-function wireless remote, which allows the operator to control the machine from a safe distance when cutting near a highwall.