Baldor Electric’s Dodge Hydraulic ISAF Baldor Electric’s Dodge Hydraulic ISAF bearing is now available with higher load ratings. The Hydraulic ISAF pillow block bearing with a patented hydraulic mount and dismount system is now available with higher capacity, 231-series spherical bearings and is interchangeable with industry standard SDAF housing dimensions.

The HISAF 231 is available in bore sizes of 9-7/16 in. through 14 in. and is suited for large bulk handling conveyors typically found in the mining industry. The company said the addition of the HISAF 231 series now allows a customer to choose a higher capacity bearing in addition to the 222 and 230 series that is already available in standard HISAF. All Dodge HISAF bearings incorporate a built-in hydraulic piston used on both the mount and dismount nut to facilitate tightening the bearing on the shaft during installation, which then aids in removal when it is time to dismount and re-
place. Normal installation and removal of this bearing can be accomplished in 15 minutes or less, and does not require the use of feeler gauges or special tools.

Factory assembled and lubricated, the Dodge Hydraulic ISAF features a harsh-duty, two-part sealing system that protects the bearing from contamination.