American Reliance (AMREL) announced major upgrades to the ROCKY RF10,American Reliance (AMREL) announced major upgrades to the ROCKY RF10, which it claims is the world’s only 17-in. class fully ruggedized laptop. AMREL said it has improved the RF10 with a faster processor, expanded memory, Solid State Drive option, and faster graphics processing. Noting its large display size, the company said it’s well suited for visual applications such as video streaming and mapping. Modular, open platform design, and a large number of configurable I/O ports ensure flexible connectivity and easy customization. AMREL extends the manufacturer’s warranty to all modifications it performs. In addition to the Intel Sandy Bridge Core i7-2610UE CPU, other features include 4GB of memory, expandable up to 16GB, Intel HD Graphics 3000 card and USB 3 ports. The RF platform has been independently certified for MIL-STD 810 and IP65 (MIL-STD 461 option is available).