Jama unveiled the JMS 7000 during Euro Mine Expo, a midsized scaler that can be powered by either battery, electric and diesel, or diesel. The unit features a protected, ergonomic, tiltable cab with Jama’s latest control system, the company reported.

Development of the scaler was driven by customer feedback and trends in ESG guidelines. The machine features a 160-kW electric motor, and can travel 10,000 m on a single charge. The battery, supplied by Northvolt and developed in collaboration with Epiroc, offers 100 kW during scaling. It is available by subscription to a service that will replace it at regular intervals with updated versions.

The cab, which can tilt backward up to 15°, has an integrated protective cage, heavy-duty protective grill for the windshield, and is FOPS- and ROPS-certified. It produces minimal low-frequency vibrations and offers good sound comfort, the company said. The cab also features an air filter, a heating system and air conditioning.

The scaler’s mobile control system, which enables remote support, is IP rated and protected against temperatures and vibrations. It features a 15.6-in. color touchscreen that provides “an excellent overview and easy management of machine settings and information,” Jama said.

The scaler comes with LED lights, a camera system, and a boom “designed to be easy to maneuver, agile and strong,” the company said.