Sandvik has released its latest addition, the renewed Toro LH410, an underground loader with 10-metric-ton (mt) payload capacity. The new Toro LH410 loader builds on the best parts of its predecessor, the Sandvik LH410, according to the company. Toro LH410 offers best in class performance in productivity, for example by means of high ramp speeds and fast bucket filling, and to make truck loading easy, it features superior lift height compared to other loaders of the same size class, according to Sandvik. The renewed loader features Sandvik Intelligent Control System with a 7-in. touch screen display as a user interface, enabling multiple new options to tailor each loader according to customer needs.

“With all its features, this truly is an advanced and intelligent piece of equipment, definitely comparable to the large i-series loaders, but naturally in a smaller package,” said Kimmo Ulvelin, product line manager of small and low-profile loaders at Sandvik. “We want to offer our customers possibilities for sophisticated and intelligent equipment also in the middle size class; and therefore, Toro LH410 has the same Sandvik Intelligent Control System as the large Toro LH517i and Toro LH621i loaders, with the available traction control, operator speed assist and integrated weighing system, to name a few.”

The loader is also compatible with AutoMine solutions and features a new retrieval hook, updated door interlock, improved access ways, and new type of fire suppression system options, Ulvelin said.

It offers different diesel engines, starting from Tier II up to the Stage V engine option. The Stage V engine uses passive DPF regeneration taking place during normal operation, minimizing downtime, and its modulating engine brake provides better control of vehicle speed downhill while also minimizing brake and transmission overheating and brake wear, according to the company.

This year marks 50 years of Toro loaders and trucks from Sandvik.