International Women in Mining (IWiM) released its 2021-2023 Impact Report, which highlights the organization’s transformative initiatives, showcasing remarkable achievements and the positive ripple effect on the mining industry and beyond.

A culmination of two years of dedicated work, the Impact Report delves into key areas such as our stakeholder engagement, mission in action and impact goals, providing a transparent and insightful overview of IWiM’s commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

The 2021-2023 Impact Report highlights the following achievements:

  • The IWRMP program continues to grow and has welcomed over 100 mentees each in 2022 and 2023, a significant increase from the previous cohort of 70. To date, IWRMP has facilitated the personal and professional growth of 416 mentees, including 68 scholars, based in 40+ countries.
  • IWiM is a convener of 20 leading international organizations and policy shapers in quarterly WIM Global Exchange sharing information about initiatives and outlook
  • The Inclusive Workplace Design project designed by IWiM as a multi-stakeholder initiative contributes insights on best practices and effective strategies for fostering attraction, recruitment, retention, and well-being of female and male professionals in the mining industry
  • IWiM launched the International Day of Women in Mining in 2022, an annual day of observance on 15 June, as a celebration of women’s contributions to mining and to encourage companies to champion gender equity in the sector
  • IWiM has actively participated and continues to participate in policy initiatives, international working groups on gender and/or multi-stakeholder groups, peer reviews, and advocacy in international forums

“As we reflect on the timeline spanning September 2021 to 2023, IWiM stands proud as a collaborator, creator, reviewer, and participant in the positive transformations our industry is witnessing,” said IWiM Director Barbara Dischinger. “Our impact is not just about the changes we’ve witnessed but the advancements we continue to make. This report is a testament to our journey and the unwavering commitment of each member of the IWiM community.”