Cummins is now offering its Data-Enabled Mining Solution (DEMS) plus Fleetguard Filtration Intelligence Technology (FleetguardFIT) free-of-charge for 12 months on all new QSK50, QSK60 and QSK78 Tier 4 solutions operating in the U.S. and Canada. Through this program, Cummins will deliver its most advanced and connected diesel engines to the mining industry, the company said.

For one mining customer, Cummins was able to reduce annual unplanned downtime costs by more than $110,000 per truck, and the early issue detection logic used in DEMS prevented progressive damage expenses by another $100,000 per truck per year, the company said.

“These advancements are another step in Cummins’ commitment to deliver solutions that help miners lower their cost of production,” said Zach Gillen, executive director-mining for Cummins Inc. “We have invested more than a half-billion dollars developing a full line-up of Tier 4 industrial solutions and we are thrilled with the performance. Miners are relentlessly pursing lower cost per ton, and we are confident DEMS and FleetguardFIT will deliver significant value, which is why we are making this available at no cost now.”

By combining advanced hardware sensors and expert analytics, DEMS allows Cummins to monitor engine system performance and deliver accurate, real-time operating information. In addition, experts at Cummins Care facilities analyze the real-time data and provide proactive recommendations that enhance equipment productivity and reduce downtime and maintenance costs, Cummins said.

Miners taking advantage of this program will also have visibility into filter life and oil quality. FleetguardFIT includes pressure sensors for fuel, lube, air filters and a fluid property sensor that monitors oil quality. Intelligent sensing and advanced data analytics allow Cummins experts to offer site-specific recommendations to optimize filter and oil service intervals.

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