U.S. Silver Corp. and RX Gold & Silver Inc. announced on June 7 an agreement to merge the two companies, creating a new company to be called U.S. Silver & Gold Inc. The new company will have two producing mines, U.S. Silver’s Galena mine in the Coeur d’Alene district of Idaho and RX Gold’s Drumlummon mine 25 mi northwest of Helena, Montana. Their combined production currently totals about 2.7 million oz/y of silver and 26,500 oz/y of gold.

U.S. Silver is currently redeveloping the historic Coeur mine in Idaho, with a goal of first production by the end of 2012. The mine is expected to reach its full production rate of 500,000 oz/y by the end of 2013. A key objective of the combined company will be to exceed 5 million oz/y of silver production by 2014.

Upon completion of the transaction, the board of directors of U.S. Silver & Gold will comprise four current U.S. Silver board members and four current RX Gold board members. Gordon Pridham, executive chairman and interim CEO of U.S. Silver, will serve as chairman of the board of the combined company. Darren Blasutti, currently president and CEO of RX Gold, will assume the same role for the combined company.

Shareholders of the two companies will vote on the transaction in early August, and the transaction is expected to close before the end of August. Current U.S. Silver shareholders will own about 70% of the combined company, and RX Gold shareholders will hold the remaining 30%.