Pure Gold Mining Inc.’s high-grade PureGold mine in Red Lake, Ontario, had its first gold pour on December 29, following the introduction of ore to the mill on December 15.

“Today, the PureGold mine has come to life,” PureGold President and CEO Darin Labrenz said. “With our first gold pour, we have transitioned to producer, and delivered on our promise to build Canada’s newest gold mine in the heart of Red Lake Ontario, on budget and on schedule.”

The company is now focused on ramping up the operation to steady state production as it continues to build a long-life growth company in Red Lake. Commercial production is expected by the end of the first quarter of 2021.

“PureGold will also continue to pursue its aggressive growth strategy in 2021, with ongoing exploration drilling from both surface and underground, an update of mineral resources to include drilling completed over the last two years, and incorporation of significant improvements in mine design and mine plan,” Labrenz said.