The U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has issued a request for comments on a proposal by Ur-Energy to expand its Lost Creek uranium in situ recovery operations 40 miles northwest of Rawlins, Wyoming. The requested modifications would expand uranium production by in situ methods and increase associated milling facilities.

The proposed modifications include the addition of the Lost Creek East area (approximately 5,750 acres immediately adjacent to the existing Lost Creek project area) to the current area of approximately 4,254 acres. Ur-Energy is also seeking permission to recover uranium from both the KM and HJ horizons in both the Lost Creek and Lost Creek East areas. The company currently recovers uranium only from the HJ horizon in the Lost Creek area.

Ur-Energy also proposes to increase U3O8 production from the project well fields from the current level of 1 million lb/y to 1.2 million lb/y and to add an additional 1 million lb/y through toll milling of resin or slurry from off-site facilities. The resulting maximum production from the processing facility would be 2.2 million lb/y of U3O8.

Ur-Energy has also asked the BLM to consolidate all Lost Creek operations and reclamation plans into a single project.