Mechel OAO reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke through a live video-link with Elga Coal Complex’s employees. As part of a ceremony celebrating Miner’s Day, Vladimir Putin congratulated coal industry workers with their professional holiday. The ceremony included a video-link that involved employees of Yakutugol Holding Co., participating in Mechel’s most important project—development of the Elga coal deposit, one of the world’s largest coking coalfields.

                Putin said the Elga open-pit’s team had managed to make great progress in a short period of time, and he remembered well how the project evolved right up from the licensing process. “This is a very important and a very promising project for the entire industry, but what is essential and most pleasant is that it develops our Far East territories and allows us to work efficiently not only to benefit our own economy and our country, but also the Asia Pacific markets,” the president said.