Rexnord recently completed the manufacture of its largest Falk Ring Gear in weight and horsepower — 250,000 lb (113,000 kg) and 24,000 horsepower (18 MW). In terms of weight and horsepower, the ring gear is also one of the world’s largest. This six-part ring gear will be used for a grinding mill at a gold mine in the southwestern United States. The order was placed in March 2012.

With manufacturing beginning in April 2012, numerous Rexnord associates — almost 100 — took part in making this giant gear a reality. “From engineering, through the foundry and the machine shop, Rexnord associates have worked efficiently with the customer to produce a high-quality, high-power gearing solution,” said Dave Olson, director, commercial operations, mill products. “Through this tremendous accomplishment, we are demonstrating our company’s expertise and dedication to the industry.”

Gear fast facts:
* Bore size: 443 in. (11,252 mm)
* External diameter: 522 in. (13,259 mm)
* Face width: 40 in. (1,016 mm)
* Number of teeth: 344 teeth
* Tooth depth: 3.4 in. (86 mm)
* Tooth spacing tolerance: .0016 in. (.04 mm)