Putzmeister has now extended its low-profile concrete mixers (Mixkret) series by the Mixkret 5 model, offering a concrete mixing and transport capacity of 5m3. The machine will be presented at Expomin, in Santiago, Chile, this year. The compact machine comes equipped with a powerful Cat 6-cylinder diesel motor (168 kW / 225 HP), providing great traction force and climbing ability.

Thanks to the automatic altitude compensation system (AAC) of the diesel engine, Mixkret 5 is able to operate at high altitude without loss of performance. This has been proven by the numerous Mixkret 4 equipped with the same system, which are currently working in the toughest conditions at altitudes of up to 5.000 m above sea level.

For customers who also wish to optimize their shotcrete additive logistics, Mixkret 4 and Mixkret 5 optionally include a liquid additive discharging system including an additive tank and pump. In this way, the concrete mixers can feed any concrete spraying equipment not only with concrete but also with additives, reducing working time and increasing safety in the operation.

Maximum security and efficiency with ICVD drive system and automatic speed regulation systems.

The compact design with heavy-duty axles, both steering and driving, and the powerful motorization endow Mixkret 4 and Mixkret 5 with a high degree of mobility and maneouverability in small-section galleries and tunnels. With the ICVD drive system without gear shift (Integrated Continuously Variable Drive), the motor power is fully used at all times without interruptions of the tractive force, reducing comfort for the driver.

The hydrostatic transmission together with a slope gradient measurement system and control software form the basis of the automatic downhill speed regulation system: The maximum speed of the vehicle is automatically regulated according to the slope gradient, taking maximum advantage of the holding force of the motor and reducing the probability of operating errors. This does not only guarantee maximum security in the operation, but also maximum performance and durability of the equipment.

The operator cabins of Putzmeister concrete mixers are FOPS/ROPS certified and equipped with a protective front grid in. Mixkret 4 and 5 feature a night-vision rear camera which allows moving in reverse gear precisely and securely, reducing working time and increasing safety. The operation panel in the cabin indicates all principal operating parameters like slope gradient, driving speed, rpm etc. as well as system alarms. The equipment also includes an operator-presence detection system, which guarantees that the equipment is blocked by activating the parking brake when the driver is not seated.

The low disposition of the concrete mixing drum´s gravity center offers a reliable and stable behavior during transport, improving safety. The service brakes on both axles are multi-disk in oil bath, hydraulic with two independent circuits. This system provides great braking capacity and long working life, even in the most demanding circumstances. Thanks to the automatic downhill speed regulation system, the wear and tear of the service brakes is minimized. The negative parking brake on both axles (internal SAHR discs, hydraulic operation) allows safe parking of the machine.