Following extensive evaluation and trials of various options for vehicle proximity detection systems to be installed on its underground mining equipment, a major mining customer in South Australia has selected the Mine Site Technologies (MST) proximity detection solution for its underground vehicle and personnel proximity technologies initiative.

Included in the solution is the use of Mine Site Technologies’ ICCL (Integrated Communications Cap Lamp) with integrated RFID tracking tag and text and emergency messaging technology—messaging is sent to mine personnel using MST’s PED through-the-earth communications system.

A primary focus for the customer is the safety of their personnel. Through the implementation of the proximity detection and ICCL communications options, the customer focus is on improved safety of haul truck and loader operations near personnel, light vehicles and other heavy vehicles. They will also collect the interaction data for ongoing risk identification and minimization. In addition, use of the ICCL provides several safety benefits including the use of PED paging which provides a second means of personnel notification in the event of an emergency.

Installation and implementation of the MST proximity detection system commenced in early-2012 and will be completed for full implementation mid-year. Replacement of existing cap lamps with the new ICCL’s will coincide with the installation and implementation of the proximity detection equipment. All cap lamps, checking stations, operator and support training will be completed and all systems are to be operational mid-2012.