The Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) welcomes the federal government’s leadership on regulatory reform as expressed by Minister of Natural Resources Joe Oliver in his remarks during the recent PDAC annual convention.

Minister Oliver spoke about the federal government’s efforts to improve the regulatory system in Canada and its goal of one project, one review, in a clearly defined time period. He said the government must keep a steady focus on that goal so that Canada can continue to attract investment.

“We’re encouraged by the federal government’s commitment to an improved regulatory process,” said PDAC President Scott Jobin-Bevans. “As a national association representing close to 9,000 individual and corporate members involved in mineral exploration and development, the PDAC works to ensure that Canada continues to be the world leader in attracting exploration investment.”

“The exploration and mining industry has been a cornerstone of the Canadian economy for generations, shaping our national identity with benefits in all regions,” said Minister Oliver. “The stage is set for success. Canada has stable, predictable economic conditions, a favorable tax regime, and is a leader in geoscience and technological innovation. Now we are taking the next steps to modernize our regulatory system.”

“An effective regulatory system is a key factor in a company’s decision about where to invest,” said Ross Gallinger, executive director, PDAC. “Mineral exploration is a high-risk venture and companies want to know the permitting and regulatory process is consistent and timely. We are confident that improvements can be made that continue to satisfy social and environmental objectives while allowing for new projects and jobs.”