Based on recent feedback from regulators, Teck Resources said it has withdrawn the environmental permit application for the Quebrada Blanca Mill Expansion (QBME) project to allow time to consider this feedback, better understand the full capability of the Quebrada Blanca mine, and submit a revised permit application.

The QBME project is a proposed future expansion which would increase the Quebrada Blanca mine’s throughput, leveraging existing tailings and other infrastructure with minimal additional footprint.

The company positioned it as an ongoing regulatory process, and withdrawing now will allow time to incorporate regulatory feedback and to further optimize the scope of the project. Submitting a revised application, however, would add about a year to the overall regulatory process from the date of submission. Teck said it does not anticipate a sanction decision on QBME prior to completion of ramp up and assessment of the full capability of the existing Quebrada Blanca mine and receipt of regulatory approval.