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The mining industry is an $800 billion global business. Mining companies provide the raw materials that are used to produce the goods and services that the world uses every day. Iron ore and nickel are used to make stainless steel. Copper wires transmit electricity, which is generated from uranium and fossil fuels, such as coal and oil sands. From the diamond on the bride’s finger to the detergent in the laundry room, it all starts with mining.

Mining takes place in some form in almost every country and E&MJ reaches mining and processing engineers in every part. The search for minerals began in the developed world and spread to emerging markets. Today, Latin America is the top mining investment destination; however, Australia, Canada, South Africa and the U.S. are still the leading mining countries.

Mining is not for the faint of heart. Our readers extract more than 12.3 billion tons of ore per year from both surface and deep mining operations. It’s an occupation with inherent risks that requires specialized skills and a bit of luck. Using some of the largest, most robust equipment, today’s miners drill and blast and dig with precision. And they rely on E&MJ for the technical information that helps them do their jobs more safely and efficiently. Extracting the ore is only half of the job. In the mills and processing plants, metallurgists crush and grind the ore to a fine consistency to liberate the metals from the host rock. They use a variety of processes to further refine the end product.

In addition to providing insight about the mining and mineral processing business worldwide, E&MJ delivers the technical information these engineers and metallurgists seek. These professionals buy and specify equipment and services, and they have relied on E&MJ as a trusted source for more than 150 years.

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E&MJ, with two-thirds of subscribers working for multi-national companies involved in the mining of all primary metals and materials,3 truly covers the world of mining. Written by an editorial staff that is unmatched in its mining industry experience, E&MJ focuses on engaging subscribers with trusted views of the issues and technology that matter most.

Mining professionals continue to rely on E&MJ with 75% of respondents preferring E&MJ over International Mining, Mining Engineering, and Mining Magazine as their preferred source of industry news.3 That level of engagement is what makes the magazine a great cornerstone for your international mining industry marketing plan.

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Sources: 1. BPA Circulation Statement E&MJ, June, 2013. 2. Publishers Own Data 3. 2012 Readership Survey