Officials at Finnish steel manufacturing company Ruukki have entered the North American market, opening U.S. headquarters in Pittsburgh, and new Canadian headquarters in Toronto. The company will bring energy-efficient products to new manufacturers in transportation, heavy lifting, mining and other demanding industrial applications.

With more than 50 years of experience, the $3.8 billion company’s expertise lies in steels with direct quenching technology that provide mechanical properties with surface hardness, core hardness and uniform toughness.

Through its new operations, Ruukki will offer high-strength Optim and wear-resistant Raex steels. Optim reduces energy costs for various products and is ideal for frame structures, said the company. Raex has impact toughness and is well suited for high-wear applications on mining equipment.

In Pittsburgh, Ruukki will operate a 100%-owned subsidiary under Ruukki USA Inc. The company’s Toronto unit, Ruukki Canada Inc., meanwhile, will be directed by new country manager, Peter Tuomi, with an extensive mining, materials handling equipment and steel processing background. North American operations will be managed by Josu Piña, vice president, Americas.