KGHM Ajax Mining submitted its Application/Environmental Impact Statement to the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency seeking environmental approvals for the Ajax project, a proposed copper-gold open-pit mine located southwest of Kamloops in western Canada. The document sets out the potential environmental effects of the proposed mine as well as the mitigation plans KGHM Ajax will use to ensure the mine will have minimal impact on surrounding landscapes. In addition, there are sections dealing with Aboriginal rights and title, management plans and monitoring, and accidents and malfunctions.

“This is an important milestone for the Ajax project,” said Marcin Mostowy CEO, KGHM Ajax. “Our team has worked for more than a year to prepare the application. We believe our application meets the high standards expected of the Ajax project, and we look forward to moving into the formal review stage.”

According to the current schedule, KGHM expects to obtain all necessary permits in late 2016 or early 2017. Once obtained, they will enable the launch of the construction of a copper and gold open-pit mine.