Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. announced alongside MCA Group (MCA), receiving the Steel Excellence in Engineering Projects Award at the Australian Steel Institute’s 2014 Steel Awards for extending a 32-year-old large crude ore bin’s life for Mount Isa Mines in Queensland by a decade. Transfer capacity for the 60,000-ton bin, they added, was enhanced by 300%.

Jacobs Group Vice President Phil Lory was enthusiastic. “We are delighted we helped achieve an excellent outcome while maintaining an ultimately safer environment for personnel,” he said in a statement; Mount Isa operates copper and zinc mining and processing streams and is owned by Glencore.

Jacobs, along with MCA, refurbished the bin, which, over many years, accumulated consolidated ore, leading to spillages, said officials. The project team, which included Mount Isa operators, performed services in Adelaide, while fabrication occurred in Parkes, New South Wales. Minus any lost-time incidents, other highlights included a 3,100 m2 of steel wear liner installation and replacement of 36 rock boxes, feed chutes and the implementation of 18 “Y” chutes; an overhaul of 36 vibrating feeders was included, added company representatives.