After officially proclaiming May 13-19, 2012, Mining Week in British Columbia, the provincial government released its BC Mining Strategy. It is an extension of the BC Jobs Plan that focuses on creating opportunities and jobs in the mining sector. The Mining Association of BC is pleased at this government’s public commitment to supporting skills development and encouraging investment in the mining industry in the province.

“With current growth projections for our industry, we estimate that over 8,000 direct jobs will need to be filled in the mining sector in BC between 2012 and 2015,” said Karina Brino, president and CEO of the Mining Association of BC. “These jobs can create hope for young people in rural British Columbia to establish themselves and build a bright future for their families.”

In addition to the high average wages that people working in the industry enjoy, the mining industry in British Columbia contributed $805 million to the provincial coffers through taxation, workers compensation premiums, pension and employment insurance in 2011. “The payments our industry makes to government translate directly into spending on core government operations and support a stable provincial economy,” said Brino. In addition to jobs and the direct payments to government, $2.9 billion were injected into the BC economy in 2011 through capital expenditures on construction, equipment and supplies in communities across BC. It is clear that mining is a key contributor to the overall well-being of the province.

The BC Mining Strategy provides a roadmap for government to focus on the industry and the wealth and opportunities it creates. The mining industry is looking forward to working with the Provincial government in the years ahead to realize the great potential the mining industry has to contribute jobs, economic, and community benefits in all corners of the province.