Alamos Gold reported that the injunction order granted against the Turkish Ministry of the Environment and Urbanization’s approval of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the Ağı Dağı gold project has been dismissed by the Çanakkale Administrative Court. With this ruling, the ministry’s approval of the EIA has been returned to good standing.

The Ministry previously signed and issued formal approval in the form of an EIA Positive Decision Certificate for Ağı Dağı in August 2014. In January 2015, the Çanakkale Administrative Court in Turkey granted an injunction order against the ministry’s approval of the EIA. The ministry successfully appealed the ruling with the Çanakkale Administrative Court dismissing the injunction on the basis that the challenge against the EIA approval was registered after the deadline for such challenges to be filed had expired.

“This decision by the Court is indeed very welcome news for our company,” said John A. McCluskey, president and CEO. “Our team in Turkey is looking forward to resuming work on the project.”