Joy Announces New Services

Joy Global introduced its expanding line of Joy brand service products and consumables at MINExpo 2016 in Las Vegas.

The JoyCut integrated systems solution, for example, involves testing, analysis and ultimately, the specification, design and manufacture of the right cutting system for each underground mining application.

The JS Blocksaver Mark I bitholder system is designed for ease of sleeve removal. Joy Fluids program provides free sampling and analysis to help extend equipment life and lower maintenance costs.

On the surface, P&H Optima dipper model upgrades include the heavy-duty Snubrite and roller latch door, which eliminates adjustments between preventative maintenance and extends maintenance intervals. P&H Delta Series Heavy Duty shovel crawler shoes with an elongated roller path provide better shoe-roller contact and more durability. Joy ground engaging tools (GET) meet all shovel, mining application and production requirements.

Crusher Design Protects Users, Inspectors

Superior Industries Inc. launched the Valor Vertical Shaft Impactor (VSI), an impact-style bulk material crusher engineered to generate fines, eliminate unsound material and shape aggregate into a more cubic product, the company reported. Maximum operating rate is 800 tons per hour (t/h) (725 metric t/h), and maximum feed size is 8 inches (203 millimeters [mm]). The VSI is equipped with a cartridge style, right angle pinion gearbox, which allows for a safer deck-mounted motor arrangement and simplifies access to the drive and its components. A hydraulically powered lid allows for safe and easy access to the crushing chamber. A combination of automatic and manual safety interlocks protects maintenance inspectors. An autogenous rotor design promotes rock on rock crushing, which extends the life of many internal parts.


Engineered Alloys

Postle Industries increased its offerings to include a hardfacing wire for extreme abrasion applications, a high-hardness alloy for high stress grinding applications, a manganese steel surfacing wire for equipment restoration, and a matrix welding wire for tungsten carbide embedding. Both Postalloy 2826 and Postalloy 2828-FCO, hardfacing wire for use in extreme abrasion applications like bucket teeth, present wear characteristics similar to those of chromium carbide hardfacing products, the company reported. Postalloy 2836-SPL and Postalloy 218HD resist severe abrasion, including high-stress grinding, low-stress scratching and gouging abrasion. Applications include grizzly bars, conveyor screws and slag ladles. For manganese steel equipment and parts restoration, Postle offers two alloys. Postalloy 2865-FCO and Postalloy 2850-FCO.


Custom Screen Liners Offer Durability

Cast urethane screen wear products by ASGCO, when compared to rubber, last longer; offer superior abrasion, cut and tear resistance; offer superior tolerance to greases, oils, oxygen and ozone; and can better withstand harsh outdoor environments, the company reported. The company’s urethane wear products are cast from ASGCO-thane, a polyurethane compound with a durometer of 80/85, along with steel backing plate for extra added support. ASGCO screen feed box liners are patterned for a direct replacement of the current liner configuration, or, depending on the wear characteristics, change the layout for maximum wear life. Screen side wear liners are boxed in with mild steel or hard plate to prevent premature edge wear or damage. Full custom options come standard.


Dual Action Pump Drains Drums in Minutes

The two-way, air-powered Vortec VacSystem Drum Pump, with no moving parts and no shock hazard, can fill or discharge a 55-gallon drum in two minutes, the company reported. The drum pump includes a vacuum hose and long reach wand. It can handle viscous liquids to 1,500 centipoise, as well as chips, swarf, and particulate, making it ideal for cleaning coolant sumps, sludge and wastewater from parts washers, solvents, hydraulic oil, tramp oil, liquid spills, liquid transfers, and more. It installs on a 55-gallon drum in less than a minute and switches from fill to discharge mode with a quarter-turn of a knob. An automatic safety shutoff valve prevents overflows. A relief valve limits internal drum pressure to 8 pounds per square inch gauge. Powered by compressed air, with no moving parts, the pump is resistant to most non-volatile, non-flammable liquids.

Boards Expand Belt Monitoring System Capability

4B Components Ltd. unveiled the NTC and PLC expansion boards, accessories that extend the capability of its Watchdog Super Elite monitoring system for bucket elevators and conveyors. The Watchdog Super Elite (WDC4), with a 3.5-in. color graphics LCD display, processes signals from 15 sensor inputs. It monitors belt alignment, speed and slip; continuous bearing temperature; pulley alignment; and plug conditions. When an aberrant condition is detected, the system will log the details, sound an alarm, and provide shutdown control of the elevator or conveyor and feeding system. The NTC expansion board allows up to 12 additional NTC inputs. The PLC programming card provides four solid state relay outputs for belt speed, belt misalignment, bearing temperature and plug indication. The Watchdog System is Class II dust hazard area approved by CSA/NRTL for use in Canada and the USA.

Safety Goggles Block Dust, Channel Water

Volk Enterprises company Brass Knuckle Safety Products recently unveiled the Orange Crush Safety Goggles (BKDST-1020NP), made with a rubber gasket designed to seal to the face and channel water away from the eyes. The goggles provide the liquid splash protection of a traditional dust goggle and feature a customizable PivotEase nosepiece; a super-flex TPR temple in bright orange for visibility; TempleTouch technology that grips the side of the head; integrated side protection; removable contoured rubber gasket; ANSI-approved hardcoated polycarbonate lenses; N-FOG PLUS anti-fog protection; and an optional strap that locks into the temple for a secure fit. Lenses are either clear or smoke tinted. Clear lenses allow 91% of the light. Smoke tinted lenses allow 18% of the light. The anti-fog technology reportedly last 45 times longer than the minimum standard of the European EN166/168 standards. The nose piece adjusts automatically. The goggles are abrasion, chemical and UV resistant.


Website Presents Solutions, Advice Regarding Dropped Objects

Westmark BV’s new website presents solutions and products that can prevent dropped object incidents and thereby increase worksite safety. Dropped object incidents include injury, damage and death caused by, among other items, falling hand tools and equipment. Pages on the site provide background information, host various pertinent publications, promote a number of products, and offer tips and contact information for expert advice.