Wenco International Mining Systems has been selected to supply a fleet management system for the Roy Hill iron ore project in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The Roy Hill project has a defined mineralization of more than 2.4 billion metric tons of +55% Fe iron ore and an estimated mine life of 20 years.

Hancock Prospecting Pty. Ltd. is the majority owner of Roy Hill Holdings Pty. Ltd., the holding company of the Roy Hill project, with a 70% equity interest. The remaining 30% interest is held through consortia comprising Marubeni Corp., POSCO and China Steel Corp., with Marubeni holding a 15% equity interest in the company, POSCO holding 12.5% and China Steel holding 2.5%

Roy Hill is incorporating new technologies to create a technologically advanced mining operation. Part of this technology push includes the construction of a remote operations center in Perth, 1,200 km from the mine, which will provide end-to-end integration of operations by managing safety, human capital and production through the adoption of state-of the-art automation.

“The Roy Hill project is not only a rich iron ore deposit, but it will also be a great example of integration of new technologies in surface mining,” said Wenco regional director Jayson Bebek.

The initial deployment of 34 Wenco units for shovels, trucks and dozers will begin in 2014, with additional units slated for install as the mine increases production.