Epiroc partnered with Ericsson on wireless, LTE and 5G technologies for mining applications. Leadership at Epiroc said the partnership will seek to provide customers with the most reliable and high-performing wireless connectivity possible. “This is a crucial step in our ongoing work to ensure mining customers reap all the benefits, including higher productivity and better safety, made possible by digitalization and automation,” Helena Hedblom, senior executive vice president, mining and infrastructure, Epiroc, said. Ericsson leadership said the partnership will better enable the companies to ensure stable and secure mining operations, leading to increased utilization, improved productivity and reduced costs. “Cellular technology and the introduction of 5G is critical to realize the full value of digitalization and automatization for smart industries,” Åsa Tamsons, senior vice president, Ericsson, said. Key advantages of LTE and 5G solutions compared with other wireless solutions include better coverage, higher reliability and stronger security, especially when machines are in the same area and share information, Epiroc reported. The technology has been tested at Epiroc’s test mine in Kvarntorp, Sweden. Further testing will be done, the company reported.
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