The smartsense fixed monitor SSFM-100 is a configurable multi-gas, four-channel high-accuracy gas monitor with full range temperature compensation. Developed by Becker Varis, the product line has been designed to meet international standards and regulations. Its all-in-one package eliminates the need for complex cable connections and troublesome programming. With its integrated controller, the unit also functions as a black box-storing critical information such as calibration records, alarm history and data logging for post-accident investigation. Three fully programmable alarm set points for Alarm and Output controls along with Short Term Exposure Limit (STEL) and Time Weighted Average (TWA) limits displayed on the extra-large LCD display makes it possible to view the reading from up to 5 meters away. An auto-adjustable backlight and a wide range of mounting and connectivity accessories make it suitable for both underground and surface applications. The system requires a minimal amount of preventive maintenance outside the normal practice of calibration. The SSFM-100 has an exceptionally long sensor life, according to Becker Varis.
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