Aveva recently reported that the office of the Vice Presidency of Projects (VP) at Chile’s state-run Corporación Nacional del Cobre (Codelco) has begun using Aveva NET as its information management solution for the execution of high-dollar capital projects.

According to Aveva, the Aveva NET technology enables Codelco, for the first time, to bring together and analyze crucial engineering data from different systems involved in the execution of projects into a single view. This gives the mining company improved efficiency, greater information control and thereby improves data access, accuracy and consistency throughout the operation. The company expects to achieve increased productivity, improved decision-making capabilities and to reduce costly rework.

Eugenio Gómez Retamal, technology platform director for Codelco VP, said, “Aveva NET serves as our centralized portal in which all the information created by the contractors may be visualized and reported on. Although this is a fraction of what the system can do, it already addresses one of Codelco’s crucial pain points: allowing several people in different locations to visualize and perform markups on engineering documents and 3-D models regardless of source. In addition, Aveva NET enables Codelco to more quickly to understand the data it receives from contractors, allowing rapid decisions that enhance all of VP’s existing procedures.”

Aveva describes NET as a powerful, ISO 15926-compliant Information Management solution from the Aveva Enterprise portfolio that automatically controls, links, evaluates and makes available all types of engineering and associated data and documents, regardless of application and format. Its ability to reduce the time spent manually searching for information and its ability to link related items of information together, said Aveva, have been proven to save businesses millions in productivity, decision-making and rework.