Aramine announced the launch of a new visual identity for its SmartParts brand, which is part of the company’s transformation and the digitalization of its services. SmartParts’ new mascot is a Bulldog, a symbol of determination and protection.

In the run-up to the development, the supplier launched a website for parts ( and moved to automate inventory management at its largest warehouse, located in southern France.

Since then, productivity at Aramine has increase by 60%, leadership at the supplier said. “We are confident that this technology investment will enable us to provide the optimal customer experience,” said Christophe Melkonian, president.

Aramine plans to implement a new enterprise resource planning system to gain efficiencies and help improve services. “It was important to embrace this positive change in our processes and this modern design in our graphic charter,” said Cécile Caillat, marketing director. “This is why we decided to take a more original approach to stand out and strengthen our presence on
the market.”