Metso’s Mining and Construction Technology group has unveiled the C120 jaw crusher, representing the 13th model in its C-series range of crushers. In terms of cavity volume and crusher weight, the C120 falls between Metso’s C116 and C125 models. The C120’s nominal power rating is 160 kW (200 hp), with an operating speed of 230 rpm and a closed side setting of 70 to 200 mm (2-¾ to 8 in.). Operational weight is 26,000 kg (57,200 lb), excluding options.

Among the C120’s new features, Metso calls attention specifically to the casting, which was designed based on extensive FEA analysis and casting simulations. Other new features include a long, aggressive stroke and a fixed jaw die that is longer than previously available dies in this crusher class. The C120 has a feed opening of 1200 x 870 mm (34 x 47 in.) and offers either a mechanical or hydraulic setting adjustment system. Several cavity options are available; and depending on the customer’s preference, either single- or two-piece jaw dies can be used.

Metso said it intended the C120 to be easy to install by adhering to compact design principles as well as by integrating rubber mounting pads underneath the crusher mounting brackets; no separate horizontal supports are needed. The crusher can be mounted in various configurations to ensure it will fit either an existing or a new steel structure.

Standard equipment includes lifting tools for jaw dies, cheek plates and toggle plate, all of which contribute to worker safety when changing wear parts, as well as optional composite flywheel guards.

Sandvik Mining and Construction says its two new mining-class cone crushers—the CH890 and CH895—are designed to increase performance in both secondary and tertiary/pebble crushing applications. According to the company, the specially designed topshell and dedicated crushing chambers of the CH895 make it ideal for tertiary and pebble crushing while the CH890 topshell and crushing chambers are well-suited for secondary crushing. Both units offer more power and higher crushing force to increase productivity. Manfred Schaffer, Sandvik president-surface mining, said: “The heavy-duty structure and 1,000 horsepower are what first meet the eye. But it is the specialized geometries and smart crushing features that uniquely drive efficiency and throughput.”

A mainshaft fabricated from a new, high-strength material is designed to withstand harsh mining requirements while a strength-optimized bottomshell allows for greater loads. Additional improvements, for increased safety and minimized downtime, include a relocated external dump valve and a new overpressure system to keep the lubrication oil clean, thereby increasing time between service. Sandvik’s hydraulically adjusted mainshaft and ASRi control system facilitate online adjustment during full load to ensure steady peak performance.

“The CH890 and CH895 crushers have been dedicated to specific applications while sharing the same platform for easy service and support which should facilitate efficient inventory management and parts forecasting,” Schaffer said.