Fortescue is in partnership with Liebherr to develop a green mining haulage fleet (using Liebherr’s model T264, shown here) that will emply zero-emission power system technologies from Williams Advanced Engineering.

Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE) displayed a range of fleet electrification solutions at the Bauma 2022 trade show that will help accelerate industry decarbonization. The company said its recent innovations include:

Off-Highway Battery Module – Featuring a scalable, modular design delivering sub-30 minute pack charge times for maximum performance, WAE said its Off-Highway Battery Module has laser-welded cell-to-busbar technology for in service reliability. It also has a robust alloy frame, which improves durability and extends life in service, as well as optimized cell packaging for maximum energy density.

Battery Management Unit – Designed for pack architectures of less than 800 volts, its advanced state detection algorithms allow for more efficient energy usage, while the unit also reduces equipment downtime by enabling maximized fast charge rates.

Cell Management Unit – Enabling real-time telematics to maximize cell performance, it allows high precision cell voltage and temperature monitoring, featuring innovative interconnects that enable enhanced durability and a design that allows manufacturing complexity to be reduced for high volume applications.

DC-DC Converter – A 600-kW, 1.5kV-1kV stepdown converter for high power loads. WAE says its Silicon Car-
bide (SiC) technology delivers 98.5% efficiency while full power operation takes place at ambient temperature of 50°C.

Vehicle Control Module – Specifically designed for decarbonized powertrains, it has a flexible heterogenous multi-
processor system on a chip (MPSoC) processor.