In related news, Shell also announced in October the establishment of a nine-member consortium to create a new pilot offering of electrification solutions for mining sites. According to the company, several companies have joined with Shell to introduce Shell’s Mining Electrification Solutions for Off-Road Vehicles, described as an end-to-end, interoperable electrification system that reduces emissions without compromising on efficiency or safety, while aiming to be cost-competitive versus diesel-powered operations. The pilot offer, said Shell, combines an innovative, high-powered battery solution with ultrafast charging and a standardized micro-grid energy system where the required solution can be complemented with renewable electricity generation on-site or through the grid.

Shell said that current diesel-powered mobile equipment comprises between 40% to 50% of mining’s CO2 emissions. By 2030, it is estimated that a battery-electric haulage truck could lower total cost of ownership (TCO), involve 20% lower maintenance costs, and incur 40% lower fuel costs than existing diesel trucks. In support of a move towards an electric fleet, Shell’s Mining Electrification Solutions for Off-Road Vehicles consists of:

• Power provisioning and microgrids, with the aim of providing a consistent and reliable supply of renewable power in a safe and stable manner.

• Ultra-fast charging, taking approximately 90 seconds via on-site, ultrafast charge-points.

• In-vehicle energy storage, through a combination of advanced battery and capacitor technologies.

The companies participating in the Shell consortium, and their areas of specialization, include:

• Skeleton – Fast energy storage for automotive, transportation, grid, and industrial applications.

• Microvast – Battery solutions for mobile and stationary applications.

• Stäubli – Industrial and mechatronic solutions.

• Carnegie Robotics – Rugged sensors, autonomy software and platforms.

• Heliox – Smart energy management solutions.

• Spirae – Integration of renewable and distributed energy resources within microgrids and power systems.

• Alliance Automation – Industrial automation and electrical engineering.

• Worley – Consulting, engineering, procurement and construction services.

• OREN – Digital services and solutions.