Atlas Copco’s Häggloaders are available in rubber tired, rail or crawler models to provide efficient excavation of waste or ore in narrow tunnels and drifts. The company said its electro-hydraulic Häggloader continuous loaders can be configured to fit almost any application by using either a backhoe or two digging arms to gather broken material from the face into the conveyor system. The integrated conveyors transfer material continuously into a mine truck or shuttle car. They are powered at the face by either a diesel engine or an external electrical power source. 

Atlas-Copco-HaggloaderUnderground Loader Line Handles Most Mining ApplicationsFor underground applications in drifts up to 20 ft wide, Atlas Copco said the dual digging arm system is more efficient, whereas a backhoe digging system is more useful for digging trenches. Both types are available for all Häggloaders. Customers also have the option to add an SB 152 or SB 302 hydraulic breaker when using the backhoe digging system; interchanging the two is a simple process.

Two different models of rubber-tired Häggloaders are available for quick mobility at the face. The 10HR is designed for use in drifts and tunnels with cross sections from 150 ft2 and up. The 7HR is suited for cross sections measuring 75 ft2 and more. The 10HR, equipped with a 142-hp Deutz diesel engine and 100-hp electric motor, transfers material at an average rate of 4 to 5 yd3/min. It can dig to widths of 11, 13 or 20 ft depending on its configuration. The 7HR Häggloader, with a 77-hp Deutz diesel, can dig to widths of 9, 11 or 18 ft, loads material up to 3 yd3/min and travels up to 6.2 mph. 

The crawler-based Häggloader 9HR is engineered for use in drifts and tunnels where conditions call for the rut-free, high-traction advantage of a tracked unit. The 9HR is designed for cross sections of 86 ft2 and up, and can handle loads of 9 or more yd3/min. It travels at up to 6.2 mph. 

With the Häggloader 8HR and its matched HRST shuttle car system, waste and ore can efficiently be removed in long, narrow tunnels. According to the company, in most scenarios it’s possible to remove fractured rock from an entire advance in just one trip with the Häggloader high-speed rail system. The 8HR can be ordered in three narrow rail gages: 2 ft, 2.5 ft and 3 ft. The electric motor comes in two sizes, 60 hp and 270 hp. Digging width in either version is up to 20 ft, depending on configuration of backhoe or digging arms, and it can move up to 9 yd3/min. 

All three shuttle car styles are available in similar rail gages. Fractured material is taken from the Häggloader by the first car and is then transferred from car to car along their integral conveyor systems, each car operating its conveyor with two 15-hp motors. (The HRST115 uses two 20-hp motors.) The HRST90 cars hold 11.75 yd3 each, while the slightly larger HRST115 cars hold up to 15 yd3 each. Both the HRST90 and HRST115 can handle cargoes weighing up to 24 tons. The HRST40 will hold up to 18.3 yd3 of material, or up to 26.5 tons.