Mintec has released MineSight Strategic Planner Version 3.0,  claimed to provide the level of detail required for full feasibility studies of new and existing mines to ensure that the long term life-of-mine plan can be used effectively by short and medium term mine planners as guidelines for their work.

MineSight Strategic Planner analyzes bench pushback reserves, material destinations, and haulage parameters to provide a feasible life-of-mine schedule that maximizes net present value (NPV) and considers all operating constraints while meeting or exceeding project-specific objectives, period production goals, and quality targets. Key features allow it to: optimize schedules for mined benches and phases in single or multiple pits; apply production target controls for mill/leach capacities, grade/metal production/product (concentrate, smelter) requirements, and contaminant control; manually control phase mining (daily mining rate, partial benches per period, vertical advance limits, forced mining), phase dependencies, destination controls (capacity, dumping rate, spread dumping), material movement and stockpile handling; and apply economic parameter controls for mining costs, loading/hauling costs, processing costs, recovery, capital investment, and varying above costs based on period and material type. It can integrated with MineSight3D to create end-of-period maps that include both pits and dumps.