FLSmidth released ECS/UptimeGO, described as a downtime analysis solution that increases uptime by assessing unplanned stoppages.

Real-time dashboards and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) enable the measurement of the real impact of machine failures interrupting production, the company reported. In addition, ECS/UptimeGo provides Pareto charts and the ability to monitor maintenance and reliability KPIs to give operators the fullest possible picture of a downtime event and its causes. Having this information is vital in correcting the causes of stoppages and increasing asset utilization and return on assets.

ECS/UptimeGo can be integrated with existing process control systems and paired with FLSmidth ECS/ControlCenter for an automated process to gather all production stoppages, the company reported. It features a graphic interface that allows operators to have all the information they need to fully document and analyze stoppages.

FLSmidth leadership said the software is intuitive and can be quickly mastered. “We’ve designed ECS/UptimeGo with users in mind,” said King Becerra, global production line manager, digitalization, FLSmidth.