Videx has incorporated CyberLock electronic access control technology into two smart padlocks: the Hockey Puck and the Bar Bell. The electronic Hockey Puck—suited for use in applications that require access control for containers, entry gates, substations or any location where there’s no available power—has a stainless-steel body that completely surrounds a stainless-steel shackle when closed; the buried shackle design prevents attack by bolt cutters. The electronic Bar Bell—intended for applications such as securing tank valves, utility vaults and chemical containers—has a stainless-steel core and locking post, and is sealed with O-rings to prevent water and dirt from reaching the inner core of the lock. The Hockey Puck has anti-drilling features built into its core and the stainless steel construction makes it resistant to harsh conditions. The Bar Bell has a screw-on waterproof cap and stainless steel locking post. A stainless steel cable tethers the cap and post to the body of the lock to prevent them from being misplaced. The company’s CyberLock system of smart padlocks and programmable keys provides detailed audit reporting of lock openings and key activity.