Siemens’ Industry Automation Division has introduced the 3SE63 electronic contactless safety switch for protective equipment such as covers, flaps and doors. Switch operation is based on contactless RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) transponder technology and, according to the company, offers a high level of protection against interference, tampering or bypassing. The switch’s plastic enclosure provides protection complying with IP69K, is resistant to detergents and is designed for use under extreme environmental conditions. Siemens notes the 3SE63 switch satisfies regulations for tamper-proof occupational safety protection through individual coding of the switch and actuator. The device is equipped with integrated monitoring functions for open-circuit, external voltage and cross-circuit, and has two short circuit-proof 24 V DC safety outputs. Additional diagnostic functions, such as threshold indication, can be displayed on the status LEDs on the device or obtained from the diagnostics output for further processing.