IMDEX revealed aiSwyft, new OMNIx gyros, and LOGRx, which is an upgraded iteration of REFLEX IQ-LOGGER, at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada convention in early March.

The newest addition to the aiSIRIS suite, aiSwyft interpretive mineralogy software offers results in minutes and at a reduced cost to the customer, IMDEX said. The software solution allows standardized and repeatable results within minutes of uploading spectra.

Cloud-based, aiSwyft gives a quick turnaround and reduced end-cost, the supplier said. “The value to the customer of using aiSwyft is the ability to
have consistent and unbiased mineralogy results, using a repeatable process, at a lower cost per spectrum, almost instantaneously.”

The 42-mm-dia. OMNIx42, featuring advanced gyros, uses Bluetooth communications and is an evolutionary successor to REFLEX SPRINT-IQ. It is smaller and lighter and gives savings in time-per-run and reduced running-gear costs, the supplier said.

IMDEX also introduced a new north-seeking gyro, OMNIx38, a 38-mm dia. tool. Compared to predecessor technology, which is “the best and most accurate north-seeking gyro on the market,” the solution is 80% more accurate, the supplier said.

An advanced version of the company’s flagship core-logging solution, LOGRx records structural measurements, structure type, and depth, at the push of a button. Data collected can be processed instantly in an app where structural readings can be viewed on a stereonet before they are updated to HUB-IQ. IMDEX said LOGRx reduces the time required for logging, and the digital transfer or structural measurements gives a reliable audit trail.