Bentley Systems, Inc., reported that LumenRT for NVIDIA Omniverse, powered by iTwin, helps infrastructure engineers create compelling visualizations and project deliverables with unprecedented speed and quality. Bentley Systems said the integration of NVIDIA Omniverse and Bentley iTwin enables real-time, immersive 3D/4D experiences to enhance the capabilities of infrastructure digital twins.

NVIDIA Omniverse provides graphics for AI-enhanced, real-time visualization and simulation. It allows engineering-grade, millimeter-accurate digital content to be visualized with realistic lighting and environmental effects on multiple devices, Bentley Systems said.

By leveraging the iTwin federated model for visualization, LumenRT for NVIDIA Omniverse enables rapid change propagation by linking directly to a single federated digital twin. Thus, when changes occur, they are synchronized automatically, which allows the project stakeholders to review the changes, Bentley Systems said. The software solution also allows project teams to create immersive virtual-reality and augmented-reality design experiences for stakeholders.

The solution was used by contractor Brigantium Engineering on the ITER project in southern France, and on the Tuas Water Reclamation Plant project by PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency. In mining, Hatch used the solution to design a process plant. Bentley Systems said that use of the software in those projects saved time on preparing renderings and videos, cutting project costs and giving significant efficiency gains.