Komatsu reported the WX03 LHD is a 3-mt diesel-powered heavy-duty machine designed for especially small, narrow vein applications with limited maneuvering space. The unit features simple operation controls and a rugged long-life structure designed for ease of use and ease of maintenance, the company said.

Other features include an onboard self-diagnostic user interface, an efficient powertrain and hydraulic system, a modern operator compartment, and easy-to-use controls. The 74-kW water-cooled engine generates minimal environmental heat and delivers optimal breakout power.

The LHD has a high-strength steel-frame design and a heavy-duty, all-mechanical powertrain, Komatsu said. It has a ROPS/FOPS-certified enclosure, a spring-applied braking system, operation interlocks, three-point mounting, anti-slip steps, and hot component isolation. Easy-to-use two-handed controls simplify training and operation, and the unique bucket geometry is designed to optimize efficient filling with less spillage, Komatsu reported.

Maintenance components are accessible from ground level.

The WX03 is customizable. Options include an automatic lubrication system, ejector bucket, fire suppression system, quick-attach coupling system, radio remote control, and recovery hook.