Libherr Mining introduced the R 9300 Generation 8 hydraulic excavator with Liebherr Assistance Systems. When it enters serial production in 2024, the unit will replace the R 9250 in the 250-metric ton (mt) class.

In standard backhoe configuration, the R 9300 comes with a 16.5-m3 bucket, and loads 180-mt trucks in 7 passes, 130-mt trucks in 5 passes, and 100-mt trucks in 4 passes. In face shovel configuration, it has a 16-m3 shovel.

The R 9300 is equipped with advanced on-board applications designed to improve operator efficiency through analytics and insights from data. The applications support the latest Digital Services, a suite of products that further support customers with equipment performance, asset health, connectivity, and maintenance. Further, the optional Bucket Filling Assistant is an adaptive or semi-autonomous digging function that allows for easier and faster bucket filling, Liebherr said.

The R 9300 can be configured in either diesel or electric drive, with the electric drive able to use the Liebherr autonomous cable reeler solution. To help cut emissions, the excavator features Liebherr Power Efficiency, a management system for the engine and hydraulic system controls that substantially reduces fuel consumption without compromising the overall productivity, Liebherr said. The engines are available in FCO and US EPA Tier 4 or EU Stage V (with SCR after-treatment technology) configuration.

The excavator is built for 60,000 hours design life, an increase of 33% over the R 9250, Liebherr said. Parts commonality and other design features facilitate maintenance. The unit features aluminum covers, and a stick and boom design that helps reduce weight.

The cabin offers first-class comfort and safety, Liebherr said. It features enhanced ergonomics, large touchscreens, and a new control panel.

The model is currently in testing phase.