Aramine announced the final production runs of its T1601M, 15-ton mine trucks for small- to medium-scale underground operations. Deutz is discontinuing the F8L-413FW V8 air-cooled engines for the unit, which means final orders for the truck must be placed before end-of-year 2020.
At 2 m wide, the trucks are best matched to 12- to 18-m2 sections and galleries as small as 3 m by 3 m. The trucks offer 15- to 17.5-ton capacity.
The operator compartments feature an ergonomic cabin. The dump box has a strong-welded structure, angled corners, a smooth interior and a rear duck tail, Aramine reported.
An optional tailgate increases capacity and limits spillage. An optional telescopic box is designed for low-back-height unloading or filling. The optional X-tram Cap upgrade, which mandates larger wheels, increases capacity.
Aramine described the truck as very reliable, easy and purpose-engineered with minimal electronics for easier maintenance.
The model was first released roughly nine years ago along with the T1601C, which has a full CANbus system and a Cummins Tier 3 CE CMSHA engine. A Tier 4-final version is available.
After 2020, only the T1601C will be available.