W.S. Tyler says its XL-Class vibrating screen combines advanced drive technology with a wide body to offer better screening action and more throughput. Larger than any other vibrating screen from W.S. Tyler, the XL-Class is intended for high tonnage production rates, and features exciter drive technology that ensures smooth operation and high uptime. The linear stroke is generated by counterweights mounted on two machined shafts that spin in opposite directions via two heavy-duty spur gears attached to an iron casting that mounts to the exciter bridge. The bridge is the main exciter support and transmits dynamic force through the entire structure. In addition to better operation, the exciter design increases bearing life up to 50,000 hours, according to the company.

                The XL-Class offers screening surfaces of up to 390-ft2 (36 m2), facilitating production rates up to 15,000 tons per hour and cut sizes from 1/4- to 5-in. (6–127 mm) with varying degrees of incline. The XL-Class can be configured as a banana screen—an approach that can be especially effective when the feed contains a large quantity of fines that are much smaller than the opening of the screen media. To provide added strength, the XL-Class features a Huck-bolted screen body fastening. Side plates are constructed with high-strength carbon steel. The area surrounding the shaft assembly is strengthened with a reinforcing plate that ties together the side plate, screen panel and shaft assembly. www.wstyler.com