Lubricant manufacturer Bel-Ray said it can provide superior lubrication of Type 2 open gear systems with its high-viscosity Clear Gear lubricant. Used in mining and industrial equipment such as mills, cement kilns and driers, the product is claimed to reduce consumption, vibration and temperature of machinery.

According to Bel-XRay, Clear Gear Lubricant is engineered to operate in the full fl uid fi lm or hydrodynamic mode of lubrication that is especially suited to maximize gear tooth protection. The fl uid easily drains from the open gear shroud and will not accumulate or harden in tooth roots. Clear Gear is a transparent product that ensures easy dynamic and static gear tooth inspections and offers a clean appearance. As a friction modifi ed lubricant, Clear Gear reduces energy consumption and operating temperature.

Clear Gear is available globally in five viscosity grades including Light, Medium, Standard, Heavy and Extra Heavy. Clear Gear Lubricant Light, Medium, Heavy and Extra Heavy are approved by Metso Minerals for intermittent spray lubrication of open gears and Medium and Heavy grades are approved by Outotec. Clear Gear Lubricant exceeds ANSI/AGMA 9005-E02 Specifi cation Annex D for minimum viscosity recommendation for open gearing-intermittent lubricant application.