NanoSteel, a supplier of nanostructured steel alloy surface technologies, announced the release of the company’s first stick electrode for weld overlay hardfacing applications. SHS 9700E, the newest addition to NanoSteel’s portfolio of Super Hard Steel (SHS) alloys, is a premium alloy that features an ultra-refined, near-nanoscale crystalline microstructure that results in hardness up to 70 HRc, with exceptional resistance to abrasive wear. Available in 10- and 50–lb boxes and in bulk, SHS 9700E stick electrode is a hardfacing alternative to MIG and Open-Arc wire applications with excellent weldability. SHS 9700E is an iron-based steel alloy without high-cost nickel, tungsten and molybdenum in its material chemistry. SHS 9700E has been designed to be deposited on mild and low alloy steels. NanoSteel recommends that SHS 9700E weld deposits should be limited to two layers maximum for most applications. Both single and double layers provide exceptional wear resistance of 0.12–0.14 g (+/- 0.03) mass loss in ASTM G65-04 dry sand rubber wheel abrasion tests.