SKF designed its new Oil Conditioning Unit to optimize lubrication performance by serving as a low-pressure pump filtration unit that circulates the oil in a system. The unit removes contaminants from the oil supply and allows a desired temperature range to be maintained consistently.

The unit connects directly to sumps, bearing housings, gearboxes, compressors and other machines, and is available in two versions: filtration only, or filtration with an air or water cooler to lower the oil temperature. Both remove oil from the bottom of the oil reservoir and return it filtered to the top of the reservoir.  Benefits, according to the company, include optimized lubrication conditions with correct oil viscosity, reduced component wear, extended component and lubricant service life, reduced maintenance and repairs, reduced oil consumption and disposal costs, and improved machine reliability and productivity. SKF describes the Oil Conditioning Unit as a fully integrated system with minimal connections that can be equipped with a wide range of options to satisfy particular application needs.