SEI Industries says its new proprietary fire resistant Arctic-Shield fabric, designed specifically for above-ground secondary containment products, represents the first time a fabric has been engineered specifically for secondary containment of hydrocarbons in arctic environments. It is also the first above-ground secondary containment fabric fire resistant to NFPA 701 standards. Since other types of fabric use underground secondary containment liners, they are tested to a less stringent fire resistant standard because they are typically covered with gravel. Arctic Shield fabric is unique because it is the first fabric that combines all of the critical features needed for cold climate secondary containment of fuels and has the tear, puncture and abrasion resistance to be used in above-ground secondary containment applications. SEI will be offering this new fabric for its full line of arctic secondary containment products including the Insta-Berm, Mini-Berm, Frame-Berm, Ride-Side Berm and Drip Defender.