3M’s latest technology in structural adhesives is Scotch-Weld Toughened Epoxy Adhesive DP920, designed for metal-to-metal bonding. The adhesive, according to the company, has been developed with a combination of oil-absorbing and oil displacement technology. This patented technology is claimed to greatly reduce the time-consuming cleaning process that is commonly required for oily metal surfaces.

Upon application, the adhesive cuts through surface oil and cures at room temperature, saving both cleaning and energy costs while helping increase assembly operation efficiency. Scotch-Weld DP920 features high shear and peel strength, with low odor for less impact on workers. The product provides a two-year shelf life for bulk packs and 15 months for duo-pak cartridges. 3M says its toughened adhesives provide reliable performance under high stress from shock, impact and vibration. Scotch-Weld adhesive is available in convenient duo-pak cartridges. The 3M EPX II applicator dispenses a neat bead of adhesive with a simple squeeze, while the dispensing nozzle simultaneously meters, mixes and applies the adhesive for consistent results. www.3m.com/adhesives