SKF says its Multilog On-line System WMx is designed to improve machine reliability, reduce installation costs and increase personnel safety in industrial applications.  Multilog WMx is a compact, battery-powered, eight-channel, field-mounted monitoring device that communicates using standard 802.11b/g wireless networking. It collects acceleration, velocity, displacement, temperature and bearing condition data and uploads it to proprietary SKF software for viewing, alarm evaluation, and analysis. According to the company, it is “an ideal complement” to traditional walk-around predictive maintenance programs, as it requires no wires—which leads to reduced installation costs compared with traditional wired systems—and carries an ATEX Zone 2 certification, allowing it to be located in hazardous areas. The device is robust and easily relocated, providing flexibility to monitor moving machine components where hard-wiring is not possible, machines that are frequently moved within the facility, or in temporary installations to track a suspected problem. Offered as a turn-key solution or as part of an SKF service contract, WMx is compatible with other SKF portable and on-line hardware.